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Online Stores to buy Anime & Video Game Soundtracks in Hi-Res, Mid-Res, and CD-Res:
  • Ototoy
    -A Japanese-based online store where you can buy many of the albums without zone restrictions. See Guides for tutorials on how to buy from them.
  • mora
    -Japanese-based online store that is a joint venture of 17 Japanese record companies, including Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Avex Group, Universal Music Japan, and others. IP and Credit Card region locked.
  • e-onkyo music
    -An online store from electronics manufacturer Onkyo, this site is IP-locked. There are US, UK, and German versions of the site called onkyomusic, but ther selection is different from the Japanese e-onkyo site (no anime or video game selections).
  • HD-Music.
    -Victor Studio's Online Store, region locked to Japan only.
  • Bandcamp
    -US-based self-publishing site, has downloads in WAV, FLAC, AIFF and ALAC, CD-quality or sometimes better. Has indie video game soundtracks, Vocaloid albums, and much more.
  • Loudr
    -Another US-based self-publishing site, similar to Bandcamp.
  • OverClocked Records
    -The record label for OCRemix, a community of fan remixers of video game soundtracks. Has indie soundtracks and fan-works.
    -Japan-based site from Pixiv, a popular art site. Digital downloads can be purchased outside of Japan, but physical items such as CDs are currently Japan only.
  • Qobuz
    -French-based online store. IP-Restricted to certain Western European countries. Has some selection of video game soundtracks in CD-Res and Hi-Res
  • HDtracks
    -US-based online store that offers downloads in Hi-Res WAV, FLAC, ALAC, and AIFF formats. Sells some video game soundtracks as well as movie soundtracks. Restricted to US residents only, has a United Kingdom site and a German site available to residents of those countries only.
    -Chinese site offering CD-Res and Hi-Res downloads. Primarily covers Asian artists and albums.
  • SquareEnix Store
    -Online store for SquareEnix soundtracks, games, and goods. CDs and Blu-Ray discs are sold.
  • Aritunes Records
    -Indie music label and store from Ari Pulkkinen, composer of Angry Birds and Trine series games.
  • CD Japan
    -Japanese online store, primarily selling CDs as well as Blu-Ray and DVDs of Anime and more. Sells Blu-Ray Audio and SACDs of some titles. Ships internationally.
    -Online store focused on Video Games. Has some selection of CDs and SACDs, as well as DVDs and Blu-Rays of anime, international movies and shows.
    -International online store focused on Asian media. Also sells physical audio media.
Reference Sites related to Hi-Res Music:
  • Anisong HiRes
    -Japanese Hi-Res listing of Anime and Video Game soundtracks, and direct inspiration for this site.
  • Find HD Music
    -Hi-Res site offering listings of albums available for purchase, focused on popular music.
Sites for album information:
  • VGMdb
    -A database site for detailed information on soundtracks from video games and anime.
  • Vocaloid Database
    -Database site for Vocaloid albums