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Greetings and Welcome!

Welcome to, an album listing site to get your favorite Anime, Video Game, Vocaloid, Touhou Project, and other related-media soundtracks and single in CD-quality digital albums and also in Hi-Res quality, along with some better than CD physical media, such as DVD-A, Blu-Ray Audio, and SACD media. This site is a branch off from the old version of retaining the album listings and information, whereas the new is focused more as a personal blog with commentary on the Hi-Res Audio, Anime, Video Game industries, equipment upgrades, and on life. Listings are mainly for digital albums in Hi-Res, and after doing this for a couple of months, sometimes the best resolution is in CD-quality, released or even from the studio masters themselves. The purpose is to find the best quality of albums out there, focused on Anime, Video Games, and other soundtrack-related music albums. As a one-man operation I try to update this site as often as I can. I try to include as much information on albums as much as possible, with resolutions, stores, ability to buy from said stores, artists, and other special notes as needed. Search functionality will be improved slowly.

Aren't mp3's and iTunes enough? Why should I purchase CD or Hi-Res music?

For me, as well as many others, lossy mp3 and other lossy formats are not enough for our ears. Lossy formats are there for convenience and small file size, at the price of quality loss. There are many articles arguing for and against Hi-Res music, but I am for one for Hi-Res music. Due to working in a music studio that is also a Hi-Res record label, I am constantly engrossed in high quality audio and music. After re-hearing certain anime and video game soundtracks on Hi-Res, I can notice the difference. I want to share my experience with those who are also fans of soundtrack and like music. Edit 12/12/15: I would try to list more CD-Resolution downloads when available, as I believe in not buying anything lower than a CD resolution for music.

Do you have any files to sample? How can I sample the files?

AnimeHDAudioList does not host any music files, and merely links where you can buy the albums. The links to the online stores do have around 30-second sample of each song, and some sites like Bandcamp has full-length sampling of songs. Alternatively you can search Youtube and/or Nico Nico Douga for auditioning albums. Thanks for understanding.

Why do you list for some albums only Ototoy when that album is available on other stores like mora and HD-Music?

Because Ototoy as far as I know you can buy from them and not need a Japanese credit card number. I made an account and bought albums with my Debit Card number and it worked. I tried in the other stores also (mora, HD-Music, e-onkyo) and was not able to purchase music (though some of those I was able to make accounts and subscribe to newsletters). My rule is that if the album is on Ototoy, then I will not list the other stores. If the album is not on Ototoy, I will then list the other stores, but put "[Japan-only]" and place a tag of the same name. This is to show that the album exists in High-Res audio, but unless you have a Japanese credit card number you cannot buy. If someone has a way to circumvent this please let me know. Edit 12/12/15: I have found a way to circumvent the e-onkyo and mora region restriction, you can find guide on how to register and pay for albums from those stores at Guides.

For your Bandcamp and Loudr listings, some show the resolution and some do not. Why is that?

As far as I can tell there is now way to know the resolution of the "audiophile" WAV. FLAC AIFF, and ALAC files from Bandcamp and Loudr without purchasing the album first. I have purchased some that come in 24-bit/88.2kHz, 24-bit/44.1kHz, and 16-bit/44.1kHz. I have emailed Bandcamp about this information, but their answer was that they would need to check each and every track on their website and may consider it in the future. Loudr responded that they require FLAC and ALAC files from artists to be at least 16-bit, 44.1kHz, and they can send the higher bitrate files to stores if provided. They advised that I contact the artists themselves directly for resolutions. I welcome confirmations on albums I have not purchased yet to verify. It is best to assume the albums will be in 16-bit, 44.1kHz resolution, but sometimes they are unlisted or mis-listed that the only surefire way is to purchase and check.

This site seems too simple in search ability and usage. Why is that?

The owner of this site is not very experienced in web design, and is still learning in his free time. Slowly there will be improvements, maybe a better search feature, or different layout.